Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher
OS: Android 4.0.3
Category: Interface

Apex Launcher - fast, beautiful with a lot of features for Android launcher.Like many launchers contain the chips and the pros: adjusting effects scrolling desktops, gestures programming, editing icons and more.

  • All /Downloaded/ Widgets tabs menu
  • applications lock the desktop( by adding new and moving the old objects in GO Launcher EX)
  • Choice of number of desktops and customizable grid
  • On / Off changescreen orientation
  • On / Off scroll wallpaper
  • On / Off the Google bar
  • On / Off status bar
  • On / Off display of application names( desktop + application menu)
  • Add widgets from the application menu( should beestablished as a system) or with a dialogue on the desktop
  • Resize all widgets
  • circular, elastic scrolling( desktop + application menu)
  • Many settings customization
  • Customizable dock( scrolling and gestures)
  • customizable scrolling LED( operatingtable + application menu)
  • Optimized for phones and tablets
  • Editing icons
  • Sort application( name, date of installation, usage)
  • Hiding icons in the application menu
  • Save / Restore settings
  • Management gestures( swipe, etc.e) A on / off transparency for the background in the application menu
  • Improved support for folders( unlimited number of icons to add to the batch, etc.)
  • scroll effects( desktop + application menu)

Russian language.:yes

- Fixed bugs
- Improved translation
- Added new configuration
- Fixed bugs Nexus 9
- Bug fixes Android 5.0
Fixed bugs - Improved translation
- Many bug fixes on Android 5.0
- Changed
icon - Added new
settings - Fixed
bugs - Improved performance

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