ANDY Voice Assistant

ANDY Voice Assistant
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Office

ANDY Voice Assistant - This is Andy's voice assistant, Siri is only for Android.This application is very simple, but it works well.Your assistant is not just information, it is possible, looking for a description of it, and begins to read it to you.If you do not like the voice, you can always change it.Also, you can communicate the type of "question-answer".You can ask about what that person and then ask a question about education of this man, and your assistant will tell you, it does not need to be repeated a hundred times about whom you ask specifically, information is stored, and you continue the dialogue with this application.Very convenient and practical, it has a number of settings, and very happy.

Russian language: no

Important!To work correctly, you need to change the system language to English!

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