Aimp Control

Aimp Control
OS: Android 2.2
Tags: online

Application allows you to control the media player AIMP, used in the Windows environment for listening to music.

Features at the moment:
- playback control: start, pause, stop, next song, previous song;
- Options such as random order, song repeat, volume;
- Manage volume by hardware buttons;
- Rewind songs;
- Support for multiple playlists;
- Styled notifications in the status bar on the name of the current song;
- Exclusion of songs from the playlist;
- Support for multiple profiles to connect to AIMP;
- Set timings with AIMP.

Necessary that in AIMP plug-in was installed Aimp Web Control Plugin.Without advertising. App works via the Internet.Operation is possible on the LAN( Wi-Fi), or via GPRS / 3G.

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