Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3
OS: Android 4.1
Category: Other
Tags: launchers

Action Launcher 3 - Convenient launcher with beautiful and bright design, as well as many different functions. This application is not only simple, but also very high-quality, it does not contain anything superfluous, and with it practically does not consume the battery. It also does not require too much smartphone resources, so it will be an ideal option even for budget smartphones.


  • Quicktheme: See how colors from your wallpapers are magically used to automatically adjust the design of the elements of your home screen!
  • Quickbar: Customize the Google search bar at the top of the screen with shortcuts and applications that you choose.
  • Covers: an innovative look at traditional folders. Clicking on the Cover will launch the application, the Cover will open a hidden folder, which you can configure.
  • Curtains: make a svayp on the shortcut to show the application widget. This allows you, for example, to view incoming your mailbox or Facebook tape, without opening the applications themselves.
  • Quickdrawer: a list of all your applications from A to Z. And of course, you can also hide applications that you do not want to see all the time.

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