A tool for Google+ Photos

A tool for Google+ Photos
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online

Picasa Tool Pro helps you manage your Picasa web albums with simple yet powerful user interface designed specifically for Android smartphones.

- Video
Download - Download Web Album
- Lock Screen
- Web Album
control the Picasa - Image Editor( effects, red eye, contrast, draw. ..)
- Your favorite contacts Picasa
-download Picasa
photos - Change the size of the photo to download it
- Picasa featured and public photos

Google Picasa best photo
Display all official Picasa best photos as thumbnails.Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo.You can view the comments, save photos sdcard or set it as wallpaper.
You can also flip the big picture to the next or previous one, or in / out signal for more information.

Photos in Picasa
Search You can search google picasa public photos, and save your favorite queries.This highly customizable function provides, and, for example, you can save queries for 'wallpaper', 'megan fox "or" flower ".

My Picasa Web Albums
Display your online albums picasa. You can manage your albums, photos with the tool on your phone. See comments for this image and if you want to add yours. If you make any changes on your albums via picasasweb.google.com, all these changes will be reflected on your phone.

My favorites
Get the latest uploaded photos of your favorite contacts on your device. you can add or view comments to the photos. Always keep in touch with friends on Picasa!

Photos Picasa Uploader
Preview taken photos or other photos on sdcard camera. youyou can upload photos to your web albums picasa Google in the package. This tool provides a set of functions and the filter will remember you've already downloaded, it is necessary to distinguish photos uploaded and new photos.

Download Programs A tool for Google+ Photos on android for free

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