4talk IM

4talk IM
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Other
Tags: sms

4talk IM - Provide a full-fledged dialogue with friends on your android smartphone and a PC using the free messaging service.Send photos, messages, audio and video files, location coordinates and more.

  • 4talk use any available connection to the Internet, sending messages is free
  • simple registration.4talk only uses your phone number.It's easy and safe
  • unlimited number of devices: you can use 4talk simultaneously on all your devices - smartphones, tablets, home and work computer - with the registration of one telephone number
  • Full synchronization correspondence: Synchronizing chat history for all devices
  • AlwaysConnected: 4talk do not need to turn on or off.You will never be disabled on a device when you run the application on the other.With 4talk you are always connected and always online
  • 4talk works with your address book and instantly shows you which of your contacts uses
  • 4talk service allows you to organize an unlimited number of group interviews with an unlimited number of interlocutors
  • Work offline: 4talk retains allhistory of correspondence.If you missed the message, we were in a place where there is no connection to the Internet or turn off the phone, 4talk bring them to you the next time you
  • Additionally: Sending the coordinates of the location, transfer contacts and files, emoticons and stickers and more!
  • cloud storage files: 4talk saves all the files forwarded correspondence.They are always available in the history of correspondence on all your devices.

Russian language: yes

Download Programs 4talk IM on android for free

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