new hilarious arcade called ZuZuZu unfold in a certain city N, which is planned to a real catastrophe in the town had multiplied excessive number of flies.Winged creatures literally everywhere.And all this is happening in the Soviet era when as you know the most effective way of struggle against insects, not only flies, was the sneakers.Yes, the most usual sneakers.With this object and you have to try to clean up the city.But do not forget that the whole situation in the game is interactive and each bad throw will lead to the destruction and damage of various utensils.However, the reverse mode is present in ZuZuZu, when insects are not the main thing, the main task will be to destroy as much as possible.What can be made easier if you will develop the "shells" to say tarpaulin boots, sounds weight.Is not it?

Russian language: yes
Support for installation on an external SD card: No
Startup cache: no

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Total: 84
cache to ZuZuZu: folder from the archive to unpack sdcard /Android/obb/
- so you should get: sdcard /Android/obb/com.pozhidaevdenis.bzzz/
- decompressed cache size 411 MB

8 Sep80


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