Zombie Smashing-Zombie Game

Zombie Smashing-Zombie Game
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Arcade
Tags: 3d, free games

Zombie Smashing-Zombie Game - X - viruses are spread all over the world!And the people, too, were infected and become a zombie.You have to rescue survivors, but the situation got out - of control, and you are stymied by the city, from where you will start a merciless, bloody battle against the zombies.Be very well-aimed and shoot in the head, because that's where the weak point of the living dead.You have to deal with them a lot of different weapons: M1911 pistol, MP5 gun, AK47. .. And most importantly, do not let them bite yourself, otherwise you will be the same!Earn money to unlock more advanced weapons.Do not miss this exciting game, from which you get a lot of fun!

Russian language: no

- Fixed bugs
- Added 25
levels - Added rewards
- Adapted management

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13 Jul980


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