Zombie Games Killer 3D

Zombie Games Killer 3D
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Arcade
Tags: 3d, zombie

Zombie Games Killer 3D - to kill the enemy and survive. Game is one of the best developments on the zombies for your smartphone on the Android system.Those who loves spectacular action, science fiction and horror a little, can take advantage of his chance to play in and designed a new version of "Zombies Game: Assassin 3D."Download the latest update, which is not limited only skeletons, running up to you on the trail.

Game ratings will gradually increase due to the full freedom of gamers of action, namely, to escape from the main representative of the zombies - the devil, running away from him across the cemetery, using the structure therein situated, and buildings for their salvation,killing the followers of the devil - the skeletons that are chasing you, as well - overall survival during a zombie apocalypse.

One advantage of this version - a wide selection of various weapons.Now you can transform into a real killer because of evil shotgun, semi-automatic or conventional pistols.And by killing your enemies, you will at the same time get more virtual game money to buy more new weapons.

Infinity continued zombie game draws gamers into the exciting world of unreal stories with interesting music tracks that are not stuck in a high-speed Internet.

But it should be noted that this version is not ideal because of the large field, which hurts your eyes.It is also not very pleasant moment for the players can be called one, that when passing through the cemetery buildings, they have no chance to get around them or hide them to protect themselves.Yes, and to the small control buttons will have to get used to for some time.

As for the cache, then when the application is quickly clogged with debris, and then have to constantly clean and remove it from your device.Sometimes you will even reboot it, so that it does not depend on continued work.

How to kill your opponent's skeleton?You need to approach it as close as possible, and aim the selected weapon by pressing several times on a particular key, shoot him as closely as possible.__thirty_

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