Zombie Catchers

It's hard not to agree that the theme of a zombie apocalypse become boring pretty gamers, but in a series of similar and mediocre arcade games and there are quite worthy specimens such as Zombie Catchers.
The game's plot develops in the distant future, the surface of planet Earth is infested with the walking dead, and because of them is not there.But the happiness of mankind two intergalactic businessman decided to open a business in the world, and offer in return to save mankind from the zombies.However, humane aliens are not going to destroy the brain-eaters, but just want to catch them all.But the insidious zombies are not going to give up, so our heroes have to use cunning traps to capture the zombies.Oh and on purified spaces aliens can build desirable cafes and snack bars, you also have to help them in this.

Russian tongue: yes
Internet: not required

1.0.12ASD ASD 0 - Fixes and improvements. ASD ASD 11.0.10ASD ASD 0 - Fixes and improvements ASD ASD 11.0.9
- New location
- New equipment
- Freezing Freezer new zombie gun
1.0.8ASD ASD 0 - Fixes and improvements ASD ASD 1

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