Yandex Weather

Yandex Weather
OS: Android 2.0
Category: Widgets

Yandex.Weight - with the help of the application and a handy widget you can find the latest weather data. The program will show the amount of precipitation, the exact temperature of the air in a particular city, region, street, give similar information about the direction and force of wind, humidity, pressure. The forecast can be viewed both by the hour, and in fact, by the weeks, by the month. It is possible to create a list of places to monitor weather changes and then simply switch them by one click. The precipitation map, covering the vast territory of Russia, will allow you to see where and what precipitation is now going on. A handy widget on the screen will allow you to watch the weather without opening the application. Sharp climate changes can be recognized by notifications that appear in a timely fashion as push notifications.

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7 Mar990


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