Widget VKontakte messages

Widget VKontakte messages
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Widgets
Tags: widget

Widget VKontakte messages - another product in the arsenals of Android users.Integrates with VK social network and helps in the faster and interesting display of messages. Main thing to remember that this is a widget, not an app!Accordingly, the software icon to be found in supplements panel.

Message VK Vidget has a nice interface in the popular nynchk "material" style with the ability to change color.Location may be different: and lokskrine on any working field.This decision was incredibly convenient - now razlochivat screen to display the incoming message, not necessarily.


Modern interface;Showing all conversations, or only unread;Access to User's Profile;Access to the dialogue;Automatic and manual update of information in the cell;No advertising.Change of size.

Installation of this product does not cause any problems.For it to work you need the official app Vkontakte.You can place the item on the lock-screen or the main desk of the tab "Widgets".

Quality prog for people leading an active life in the vast social sphere Vkontakte.Practically it has no analogues or adequate level of competition.

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13 Mar1020


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