Whistle Android Finder PRO

Whistle Android Finder PRO
OS: Android 4.1
Category: Other
Tags: security

Whistle Android Finder PRO - a very useful application, especially for girls, in the android developer from Bojan Kotnik, which helps you quickly find your android device in case you forget where you put it.All you need to do - it's loud whistle and the phone responds music notification.The main conditions: a loud whistle and a sleeping phone's screen mode.Appendix Whistle Android Finder PRO sadit not the battery, you can adjust the sensitivity in the settings to the whistle, and select one of the 18 alerts.Download, install and do not break your head in search of the device.

Russian language: no

5.6ASD ASD 0 - Bug fixes Android 5.0 ASD ASD 15.1
- Fixed bugs
- Added support for Android 5.1

Download Programs Whistle Android Finder PRO on android for free

5 Oct1650


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