OS: Android 2.1
Tags: im, voip, online

you have not become boring popular instant messengers?If you want to try something new, look at China WeChat - it is a stable and multi-messenger, quite popular in China.After a simple registration by phone number, you will get access to the vast possibilities of the program: you can write text messages using voice calls or video, available group chats, send multimedia messages( pictures, video), the program provides a diverse set of stickers, which, if desired, can be downloadedin addition, there are mini-games and lots of other interesting features.

To search for contacts app scans your address book for other WeChat users, but does not add all found, but only allows you to select users interested in manually, which is useful if you want to keep privacy.If the service of your contacts no one uses it, you can try to look for new love: a simple shake of the smartphone displays a list of those who are too eager to meet new people.The big plus of the service - the availability of the web version.

Russian language: yes.

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