OS: Android 2.2
Category: Puzzle

Web - unpretentious puzzle at first glance, but in fact it is able to pull you for a long time! The essence of the game is that you arrange the stones, trying to put them so as not to abut against the center or wall.
It would seem that could be easier?But the point is that within each pebble is "spider", and it specifies the location of the next pebble.

Of course, you can roll the stones, but that's the point that the number of possible destinations is always different from one to six. Also, if you successfully place the stones, the following can walk through the cobweb earlier, thus he can pass "through" several others. In words, it is difficult to understand, but if you play, then quickly realize what the whole point.

Features 12 levels of different designs
Beautiful design
to share records
Intuitive and easy operation

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14 Feb4580


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