Velo Guide

Velo Guide
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Sport

This Appendix set out the basic information about the components of a bicycle from the production of materials, skating rules, ending with the selection and repair of bicycle parts.

7 main sections:

-Management-( All information about forks, shock absorbers, frames, rims, steering column and so on.);
-Transmissiya-( All the information about the transmission parts such as the carriage, connecting rods, bushings, control stick and so on.);
-Info-( Rules cycling as what properly lubricate a bicycle, the correct choice of clothing, protection against dirt, how to slow down, and so on.);
-Aksessuary-( Horn, flashlights, Luggage racks, bike computers, etc.);
-Instrumenty-( Relevant description for each special tools);
-Zimnee Katanie-( What you need for a winter skiing from kits to clothing);
-Firmy-( Information on bike manufacturers and components);

Each of which is filled with detailed information on all parts of the bike that?what for?For what?How to repair or restore.Bicycle driving rules.Choosing a bike, equipment for different types of skiing.The information is constantly updated.

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