Total Commander

Total Commander
OS: Android 1.5
Category: System

Total Commander for Android - glued program for Android smartphones and tablets, without which the general anywhere!But for those who are still not familiar with it, kratenko - a manager to quickly and easily manage files with built-in archiver.Even you can enjoy ES conductor .

  • Копировать/Перемещать/Переименовать/Удалять/Создаватьa new folder
  • Копировать/Перемещать/Переименовать/Удалять/СоздаватьNew Folder low-level tools( no Java API, requires root)
  • sending files via Bluetooth( OBEX)
  • display thumbnails for images
  • allocate
  • files sort
  • files to archive and unzip ZIP
  • decompress RAR
  • setting internal associationsfiles( independent system)
  • delete and make backup applications
  • bookmark
  • history
  • search
  • built-in text editor
  • The built audio / video player
  • root support( cm. FAQ file operations in the system folders)
  • support Lan, Ftp, WebDAV( through plugins)
  • DropBox support( third-party plug-in)
  • change file attributes configuration interface TC - size, color and font selection, 1/2 panel interface, the addition of buttons with custom commands
  • internalteam, starting programs with parameters, runtime commands( via customizable buttons on the user panel).

Russian language: yes

- Improved support for external drives
- Fixed bugs
- Android 4.4: display of a label on private recordable folder to an external SD-card
- Direct plug-in function plug up
- context menu item ' Extract all selected "
-" Check " button in the " Extract "and" Extract all selected "
- UnRAR support for devices and emulators based x86
- Creation on the home screen( launcher)
icons - Support for " Share " button in other applications to send files to the TC
- media player, new audio effects
- Detection of external SD card for more
devices - media player: play / pause button on the lock screen

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