Tomb Labyrinth

Tomb Labyrinth
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Adventure

Tomb Labyrinth - an adventure puzzle game in which you have to go to the tomb world of secrets and mysteries.Play you'll be in the role of a brave archeologist, remember Indiana Jones, now you will have the chance to feel in his role.The entire game is divided into a plurality of levels, each of which is a three-dimensional maze, with a mass of treasure, treasure chests, and other surprises.But to get all this will be far from easy, because the location is generously crammed with traps, secret passages, the guards in the form of bloodthirsty skeletons.So for the passage of locations you will be required to work not only with his hands, and head.
Tomb Labyrinth - one of those games that harmoniously combines elements of puzzle and action, adventure story and addictive gameplay, superb graphics and perfectly conveys the atmosphere.

Russian language: no

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