Tiny Apps (floating)

Tiny Apps (floating)
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Widgets
Tags: widgets

Tiny Apps( floating) - Excellent app with tons of features.This is not just an app, it contains 18 other applications, such as: notes, audio recording,-paint, stopwatch, system information, network monitoring, and more.Also, you can customize on your own, and to do so that would be displayed on top of all other windows.This is a very useful feature that helps you find out all the information about your device.Now the most necessary applications at your fingertips!Just knock out what you need, on the desktop, set the opacity and size of windows.Then choose any of them, just one tap on the screen.No longer do you need to put all the applications separately, this assembly that contains everything you need.

  • 18 applications within
  • simple and intuitive interface
  • run many applications as you need
  • maximum preservation of space on the screen

Russian language: no

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