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The Sims for Android - a unique opportunity to enjoy the game all the fans, "Simson".First of all, create your unique character - select the floor, face shape, skin color, choose a profession and put your own.The game features the ability to create up to 16 characters.To your Sims was cozy, you need to give him different tasks - from simple type to go to the toilet, to the complex type to go to work or to talk with a neighbor over the fence.It is interesting to note that you are living with your pet synchronously, ieif you have a night, then he, too, you have a day and he too was awake!In addition, you will need to develop his character and improve his well-being for the purchase of all the benefits of civilization - send him to work, where he will receive the game currency.Game currency can also be obtained for planting vegetables in the garden, perform small tasks, while increasing the level.And of course, you need to equip the house, where everything is to your liking.The main thing is to have enough funds for all!Get yourself a pet and a garden on the site, as well as pamper yourself at the weekend baking.In general - live life to the fullest, build new showrooms, supermarkets and shops, increase the scale of the city, to accept new residents, build relationships with neighbors and other people through handshakes, slaps and hugs!At the end I want to add that a game can easily take you for many weeks, especially since the game is essentially infinite!Here you will find even more games on the android girls

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Russian language: yes
Startup cache: yes
Internet: required for playing

- Create an oasis with everything you need to relax characters.
- wrapped up in cozy bathrobes and nurture body and soul healing masks.
- Surrender to the power of massage and get rid of the knots in the muscles!
- cheer up the soul of meditation or look for inner peace, comfortably sitting at the water.
- Do manicures and pedicures.
- Enjoy a steam in the sauna or relax in the hot spring
- Find the hidden chocolate eggs in the job " for chocolate eggs hunt. "
- Dress your Sims in multicolored pajamas with Easter motifs.
- Hunt for eggs in overalls touching a rabbit.
- Turn your house into an Easter wonderland with time-limited decorations.
- Make the chocolate in a new hobby, " Chocolatier "!
- Create home with items of furniture ginger that and want to eat.

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Total: 1163
Cash for The Sims game: folder from the archive to unpack /sdcard/Android/data/
- should get so /sdcard/Android/data/ / or _na
- the size of the decompressed cache ~ 1.5 GB
- install apk, run the game!
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