Talking Pierre

Talking Pierre
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Other

Talking Pierre - try to have a talking parrot Pierre, his responses are always unpredictable and very funny.
Talking Pierre - very lively and energetic parrot.He's still a teenager and loves to create the greatest amount of noise and destruction.Lives parrot in the kitchen at the speaker Tom Cat.
Note - During the first launch, the app will prompt you to download additional 10-46 Mb of data, in order to get a max quality graphics on your device.On offer is not provided - otherwise the program will not work.
Keep in mind that when you talk to Pierre, he does not just repeat your words - he sat down remembers everything you said, and later will issue randomly.Thus he combines different parts of what you have said, to create fun new proposals.Sometimes he repeats the part of the sentence several times, and then adds at the end of something else entirely.

How to play with feathered
Talk to Pierre and he will repeat what you say is ridiculous.
Poke him in the head or belly and see how he reacts.
Poke him in the feet, and he will dance you a little cowboy dance.
He will be happy if you'll scratch his head or tummy.
to Pierre you have not heard - switch on the blender by pressing the button.
Click on the tomato to start a tomato in a parrot.
Click on the broken cup and see how Pierre throws different things on the floor, making a funny noise.
Click the crane button to see Pierre sprinkling water around the kitchen( need to buy extra).
Create video parrot Pierre and share them with your family and friends, using YouTube, Facebook, email or MMS.

Pay options:
you need to buy additional features in the cases:
to tomatoes fell in Pierre( he constantly evades in free app).
Want to see how Pierre throws the other things on the floor.
Do you want to see Pierre sprinkling water around the kitchen.
Include Children mode in the settings and remove all the places where your toddler can get lost( video recording, info screen, etc.).

Download Programs Talking Pierre on android for free

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