Taekwondo Game

Taekwondo Game - one of today's best fighting games for the Android platform and is not difficult to guess from the name it is based on a Korean martial art Taekwondo.Maybe not better graphics more than compensates for the multifaceted and dynamic gameplay.The main feature of this game is to have a full-fledged multiplayer, you will have the opportunity to play with friends via Wi-Fi or take part in the global competition and to win over the best players from around the world.The game creators have tried to give his creation the maximum authenticity and have worked not only to the original motion, and sound.If there is an impressive array of punches as his arms and legs, all sorts of combinations, the gameplay is quite simple to learn, and the main tool in this will be a simple and intuitive control.It is worth noting the presence of various tournaments taking place in several countries and stylized graphics with beautiful backgrounds.

Russian language: no

- Fixed bugs

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