Super Clock Widget

Super Clock Widget
OS: Android 1.6
Category: Widgets
Tags: weather, clock

Super Clock Widget - multifunctional clock widget for Android from the developer Upper Duper, containing a cocktail of useful information: clock, calendar, weather information, time zone, alarm clock, battery charge.Enjoy use and excellent mood.

  • 3x3 and 2x2 widgets, each with independent configuration
  • Blue and blue threads
  • Clicking on the widget will fall into
  • configuration Choose up to five flexible components of the widget, such as a calendar / battery / weather / time zone/ Service
  • More than six
  • various headings maps The possibility to connect the link to the individual components, such as Service
  • On weekends, the day will light up in red
  • battery circle will be red if the power is left & lt;25%

Russian language: Unknown
installation support on the external SD card: No

- Fix small widget layout
- Mini widget ago
- Pumpkin Style
- New design
- Mini widget is removed
- Selectable clock face
- New weather icon sets
- Fix clockwise to the inner circle
- Superior readibility size font on the main display

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