Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter 4
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Fights

Street Fighter 4 - Super-fighting game with fantastic graphics and gorgeous contractions.This is the number of players is not no game!Each, of course, has its own unique features, and when combined in combos and ultra-hitting obtained simply awesome effects!Bright and bloody battle impressing even the most experienced players!In addition to the fighting game worth noting a number of features of the game:
  • 11 amazing locations
  • configuration management to your taste
  • duel with a friend via Bluetooth.

Russian language: no
Internet: need to download cache
Startup cache: yes

Download Games Street Fighter 4 on android for free

Cache for the game Street Fighter 4: The folder of the file to decompress /sdcard/
- only root can use the devices, see the spoiler.!
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