Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager
OS: Android 2.1
Category: File Management

Solid Explorer File Manager - File Manager with advanced capabilities designed specifically for Android devices.It has long been engaged in the search for a good file manager with a comfortable management interface and advanced functionality?Solid Eksplorer File Manager is what you need!

From competitors provided program differs small volume occupied by the memory, simple, convenient, logical intuitive interface, the broadest functionality.The program will be useful for various categories of users.The first is of course the owners of Android mobile devices often work with files, folders, multimedia content.In addition the app useful for fans of movies, photos on your tablet or smartphone and music fans.


Comprehensive tuning graphic design Support for popular client( FTP, SFTP, etc.) Ability to work with the most common file formats of data You can create password-protected data files in formats ZIP, 7zip Thanks to the extensions can make application functionality Moremore advanced

as already mentioned app is able to act as a means for viewing multimedia content.With the software, you can organize photos, video and audio content in an easy to view and work place.To download the software will require quite a bit of time, while it will take a minimum of space in the memory of mobile devices.Hurry up to take advantage of his abilities!

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