OS: Android 2.1
Category: Arcade
Tags: donat, hd

Skatelander - hybrid Rahner and races for the Android system. Applications designed in the popular "block" style.This is the case when a voxel graphics barely makes the project more abruptly - gameplay elements are somewhat nalyapisto and ugly. Game offers a user to become a skateboarder, which will conquer a variety of locations.On the way there are obstacles, landscape items, and a bundle.The longer and the more colorful character will ride - the more points you earn.

The prog provides upgrade and customization system.Available for more than sixty different characters and 25 types of skateboards.Naturally additional content should be opened for bonus points. Chip bend is that landscapes are changing along with the characters.This creates a dynamic that is at least partially overlaps the visual realization of mediocre games. You can improve a character's abilities and improve their maneuvers on the road.During gaming the player can collect a few dozen achivok and record your progress for Sherring with friends.


interesting idea;Mass modifications;Character Customization and skate;Landscapes for a particular Persian;Quality optimization.


Advertising;Donat.Without it, you can, but it is difficult to manage;Not the most convenient operation;Weight small voxel elements "cuts" eyes.

Skeytlender - a good game that will find its consumers.For all its faults, it offers an interesting gameplay and a lot of options, which is often more important than anything else.

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23 Apr8880


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