Sinoptix - today weather

Sinoptix - today weather
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Widgets
Tags: weather

Sinoptix - today weather - in England, most of the conversation begins with a discussion of the weather.Weather is an integral part of our lives that constantly accompanies us.Naturally you must always be aware of what is happening outside the window, and even more so to know the weather forecast on future dates.At the same time prilozheneim you will always know what the weather is expected in your or any city you are interested.Appendix looks stylish, simple interface, entangled in it will be extremely difficult

  • stylish and recognizable design
  • Finding your location changes in temperature and wind speed charts;
  • weather forecast for the next 1-8 days
  • all necessary meteorological data are provided in the hollow volume.

Russian language: Unknown

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21 Jun2160


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