SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a simulator for creating your own metropolis city. In this game on Android you will become the head of the entire city. Be engaged in construction, fulfill all the needs of citizens and add city services that will help put out fires, cope with endless traffic jams and watch the ecological stop in the city. This is the most realistic simulator with noisy streets, townspeople who will tell you what they need to be happy.


  • Solve real problems of the big city: traffic, fires and pollution
  • Add basic city services so that your residents are happy
  • Build interesting objects such as casinos and much more
  • Get resources and put them to the auction
  • Full control over the city by 360 ° rotation
  • Solve the problems of the city and watch how the day is changing
- Ability to carry out tasks for the construction of residential buildings, starting with the first modernization
- Improving the system of assembly and manufacturing jobs
Alert - Changes in the construction of the timer, by which points are awarded quickly
- Hello, mayor! Mark Earth Day eco- city construction. From 15 to 25 April build a solar power plant to the Day of the Earth to provide the city with clean energy. We also made ​​some changes to ensure the normal operation of the city. Thank you for playing SimCity BuildIt.

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