San Andreas Crime Stories

San Andreas Crime Stories
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Race
Tags: 3d

San Andreas Crime Stories - another application for Anroid, created based on the cult GTA.From original and similar programs of other developers San Andreas Stories Krim features a new storyline, characters, even more high-quality graphics and simple controls.And most importantly - this game will always be with you on your smartphone or tablet screen!

Storyline takes place in the streets of the American city of the same name.This metropolis steeped in vice and luxury, and in the streets of "the right point" criminal gangs.Your character is at the center of events and should do everything possible to gain a reputation.The weak-willed and do not belong here.

Gameplay allows you to perform a variety of tasks crime bosses, earn reputation points and thus move up the steps of the criminal career ladder.Jobs most diverse, but they are certainly related to the violation of the law: shootings, robberies, hijackings wheelbarrows.Cars incidentally play a huge role in the application, because they can hijack and race around the city streets.

The characters constantly hunt police and met with its staff turns grandiose skirmishes in the spirit of gangster movies.In addition to cars in the application submitted and other vehicles: jetpacks, helicopters and airplanes.Large selection of weapons will diversify the gameplay and make it more attractive.

Game world is completely open and it can move freely in any direction.Management actions of the character and setting of the program features an extremely simple and intuitive.No need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to direct the hero to the right place to shoot or drive a car.

Installing the application does not differ from the installation of programs with the extension «.apk» and will not cause difficulties even for novice users Android devices.Playing like fans of the GTA series, fans of action games, car simulators.Become a member of the most exciting events, and with a head dive into the criminal life of San Andreas.

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