Russia Fairy HD

Russia Fairy HD
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Multimedia
Tags: online

"Fabulous Rus" - the animated series from Studio "Kvartal-95", won the love of millions of fans audience politsatiricheskogo genre.Famous politicians and secular figures brought to you in images of mythical figures of ancient Russia.For example, in the lead roles shine: Victoria - The first and second, Azir, Ban Listvin, Senya, Katerina Ostryacha, Balda Sheva, Baba Natasha Savic bright-eyed, and she Yulia been cunningly with other equally colorful characters.

Sparkling humor, caricatures, funny parody of the political life of the country, euromaidan - all these can be enjoyed now by installing the app in just a couple of seconds.Immerse yourself in the world of fairy Russia together with its stellar inhabitants.Catalogue of all series will give you hours of unbridled fun for free and without registration!

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