Recording calls ACR

Recording calls ACR
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Calls

ACR free app to record phone calls. ACR records the phone calls.See a list of features( below) and download the best app for recording phone calls in the Play Store. Some phones do not support properly record a telephone conversation.This is due to the capacities of different chipsets and processors, which are built smartphones.

Features ACR:
- Search
- grouping records by date
- automatic sending mail( Pro)
- auto-delete old records
- Marking recordings as important( will not be automatically deleted)
- multiple choice,deleting, sending
- display the name and contact photo
- Negative numbers
- automatic or manual recording
- password protection
records - a plurality of recording formats
- the ability to write-
- different recording modes: by number, contact, except the contact selected
contacts - integration with Dropbox( Pro)
- integration with Google Disk( Pro)
- and much more. ..

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