Real Street Fighting

Real Street Fighting
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Arcade
Tags: 3d, for boys

Real Street Fighting -simulyator street fights for Android platform. 3D graphics of the game can not even be opisaniyut.But it is not a lack of quality, because the street is almost 2016, and the exterior design at the level of a decade( or even more) years ago.Sounds a little brighten the situation.

Player is invited to take part in street battles Shootout.He fights against opponents whose power grows from fight to fight. Characters themselves are very small, they need to look.It's not very comfortable, but certainly a game with such graphics can run on almost all Android gadgets.

Management simple as possible.This joystick for movement and the four strokes of a button.Fighting in Real Street Fighting can only hands that strange for street fights.

Features: Casual

fighting;Total 4 stroke;Multiples rivals;Lack of settings;Minimum hardware requirements;The unit setting.

Program can be recommended only for children.No development is not provided, the external design awful, and the action itself is virtually invisible.It saves only good optimization and simplified management that certain children and calculated.

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14 Mar290


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