Racing Rivals

Racing Rivals
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Race

Racing Rivals - excellent drag racing with the possibility of playing with live players around the world.You will be able to participate in a variety of multiplayer races.With the right training and pumped the car you can get around almost any player.Even a fraction of a second decide on which side fortune today.At stake could be money, fame, and even your car!The game is a realistic model of the movement of cars, good graphics and smooth animation of the motion of racing cars.If necessary, you can change your car almost beyond recognition, but the exact technical settings and fine-tuning will help you squeeze out extra horsepower with your car City.

Russian language: no

- Highlighting the bottom of your car will make the brightest!
- Notices about new tournaments are available in the garage - do not miss
race - Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Added new cars
- Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance.
- New features in the tournament - the fight in the tournament with 4 and 8 players
- New haste rating Tournament - Compete with equal rivals
- Available in different colors for the lights - headlights change color by using the items from the secret containers!
- New metallic paint - your car will be even brighter; is now available in classified containers!
- Different types of bets - select your - documents or cash!
- Chat in the tournament - communicate with friends and rivals in the tournament!

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