Quick Message

Quick Message
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Telephone Part

Quick Message - application for Android that allows you to send SMS text messages absolutely free of charge via the Internet, through a public open services on the websites of operators.In a text message, you can type up to 140 characters.On the SMS recipient's phone receives a message from the sender's Internet, so do not forget to subscribe.User-friendly interface will help to quickly deal with all the features of this program.

  • SMS are sent directly through the site operators and public gateways
  • Sent SMS are stored in the phone as if you sent them the usual way.
  • Ability to select a contact from the phonebook and search
  • Auto operator
  • number of characters Counter reported
  • Statistics dispatch room
  • Avtopodpis
  • Increase verification image to the screen
  • sizes Editing list of popular numbers
  • support different screen orientations
  • Manual selection of the priority gateway to send preserving choice
  • Integration with phonebook
  • 140 characters in a single message

program is under development, so if your operator is not available at the moment in the Quick message - it always will bein the next release.

Russian Yazikov: yes

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21 Sep170


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