Power Hover

Power Hover - a dynamic three-dimensional runner, events which are developing in a futuristic world, a world once inhabited by robots.Today, however, the world is empty and you are the only representative of a civilization, a survivor.What happened and where the rest of the robots were gone unknown to you is nothing left as soon embark on hovebord and explore the abandoned places.On the way you will find a great number of difficulties and obstacles, but you have a high-tech vehicle that with proper use will survive in any situation.
Author soundtrack, original visual performance perfectly convey the atmosphere of the destroyed world, which gives a special charm to the game.

Russian language: no

1.4.9ASD ASD 0 - Unknown 1 ASD ASD

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The game combines the carefree arcade with puzzle.

6 Oct20
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Excellent arcade game with an unusual aircraft that can fly under water and "fly" under the ground.

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