Pou Egg

Pou Egg
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Other
Tags: sensory

Pou Egg - a controversial toy with a very unusual story.For the Android system. The game is a top simplicity.The whole gameplay consists of one screen which shows the egg.At the end all the graphics.

Sense gaming - tap the egg.One tap - one light blow to the shell.In order to break an egg to do such tapov million.Yes, that's a million.The counter is set to the screen and only responds to the single punches.Cheat, using a pair of fingers or holding your finger on the screen will not work. Tells us what will happen after hitting the million - means to spoil.One can only hint that impregnable shell crumble and revealed.


absolutely wild idea;Mysterious prize at the end;The minimum weight( only a couple of megabytes);Virtually no hardware requirements;Easy to use.

Project is primarily designed for children and megaazartnyh users.With its help it is easy to take a child for a few hours, knowing that the specific actions on it is not required.Adult gamers will be very boring to play Pu Eg, but the program can easily be something like a simulator for fine motor fingers.

Installing almost instantly and does not require anything extra.For all its narrowcasting program practically does not take place, "it is" not asking and will be a great comic from the application of those "that show your friends."

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