Plague Empire:Bio hazard Alert

Plague Empire:Bio hazard Alert
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Strategy

Plague Empire: Bio hazard Alert - difficult, but exciting toy on the capture of the entire world.For devices on Android. Game design is quite interesting.Someone he reminds Dune someone Resident Evil.Animation quality, there is something to see, sound design is also nothing.In terms of appearance is strong, "middling".

The developers have positioned the project as a wild mixture of Resident Evil and Plague Inc.Basically, the way it is.Of Plague took the idea of ​​the destruction of the world and a variety of bacteriological rouzhie.From Resident Evil - the army of bloodthirsty monsters and undead. The player has a base.The goal - to build on the basis of its world empire.To do this, not only to defeat the hordes of zombies and treacherous enemies.Opponents of same dictators like protagonist, they will not allow him to carry out his plan.

You can play in two different keys: to save the army and gradually otvoёvyvat territory or go to an agreement with some databases and pass the rest along.Whatever tactics the user did not choose, in any case, it brings great pleasure from the gaming process. Basis of the game - the development of its base.Only it can bring the desired result.Users can build new buildings and improve finished, bring new types of troops and biological weapons, collect resources.

The game has the ability to communicate with players around the world.It is very easy to negotiate with allies of attacks on enemy bases and overall protection.Just all the progress of the player and the Alliance are displayed in the online league tables. Game is available in several languages, including Russian.Russification of quality, but in some places is not complete, some of the descriptions are sometimes still have to read in English.


quality graphics;Interesting gameplay;High playability;Optimization;Russification;Mass armies and buildings;Alliances players;The development of biological weapons;Leaderboards and world domination.

Empire Plague: The biological threat - it's a great real-time strategy game that is easy to provide many hours of exciting gaming.If you have time and you need to kill him, it is a great option.

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