Pioneer Skies 3D Racer

Pioneer Skies 3D Racer
OS: Android 4.1
Category: Arcade

Pioneer Skies 3D Racer - aspirated runner gameplay is no different new.Just driving by some flying object, your job is to do as much as possible a long way, while flying through the floating gate.All the familiar and seemingly not at all remarkable.It would have been, if not for one thing.The main focus of Pioneer Skies 3D Racer is made not on the mechanics of the game, the developers have tried to give ordinary Rahner special atmosphere.When you create a project
used Lowpoly - graph, that is, three-dimensional model with a small number of polygons, for a total of a combination of minimalism and a sense of the scope of the environment.An important part was the atmosphere and polyphonic sound, complementing the big picture.

Russian language: no

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11 Jun210


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