Password Angel

Password Angel
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Other
Tags: security

Password Angel - an excellent password manager now for Android devices from the developer Maxidix sro, will help you not only to store passwords and structuring, but also protect them using a unique algorithm AES-256 bit encryption.Nice interface, reliability and ease of use does not make you doubt the correctness of the choice of the application.

  • Super-resistant encryption algorithm AES-256 bit
  • one master password for the entire password database
  • Modern design application-oriented data
  • powerful password generator, always at your fingertips
  • Flexible group treepasswords, infinite nesting
  • Quick search across the base
  • passwords Ability to set expiration for the critical date data( for passwords, and groups)
  • you can create and manage an unlimited number of database passwords
  • Automatic database lock( timer)
  • available as an application for the Windows Desktop( http: // pasangel)
  • Import data from popular password managers through the "password Angel for Windows

Russian language: yes
Support for installation on an external SD card: no

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