Panda Mobile Security

Panda Mobile Security
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Other
Tags: antivirus

Panda Mobile Security -reliability antivirus software for Android smartphones / tablets, providing complete security of your device from viruses, malware and other mobile threats.Panda Mobile Security is very easy to use and economical in spending battery.

  • Anti-Virus scans the application after installation before first use, as well as checks at the request of the installed applications and files on the memory card
  • analysis SD-card: allows you to automatically scan memory card SD( Secure Digital) to search for threats.
  • auditor Privacy: scans and shows the installed applications access rights.
  • Web interface allows to easily control the security of your devices with a MyAccount on Panda Security
  • Online Protection from downloading threats: scan your apps and updates in search of threats and unwanted applications, delete them without affecting the performance of the device.
  • complete the process: scan resource consumption by applications installed on the device, we advise you, based on CPU consumption and memory usage, by blocking them.
  • Panda Collective Intelligence: gathering information provided millions of Panda users to discover new threats more quickly, the definition of safe files, and provide the basic and more effective protection

Russian language: no
Support for installation on an external SD card: No

- Fixed bugs

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