OS: Android 4.0
Tags: online

OOLOO - application for those who need to obtain quick answers to their questions, and the responses of real people 24/7, and not the program.So, if you need to take important decisions, but you are in doubt, ask the advice of a real, and not interested, and people get an objective answer.It is interesting and easy to use.Download, install and try!

  • Ask any question and you will get fast answers from real people 24/7.
  • Write down your questions in one click.
  • Easy to use and it eliminates the need to enter a question.
  • Tagging your questions.
  • answers to your questions are based on the site, making it easy to get answers in your area.
  • opportunity to assess the quality of the answers:. "Good", "bad"

Russian tongue: no

Download Programs OOLOO on android for free

23 Aug170


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