Offroad Racing 3D

Offroad Racing 3D
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Race

Offroad Racing 3D - a fascinating and at the same time very dangerous off-road racing on a variety of jeeps.In addition to standard 4x4 there is even such exotic jeep with 6x6 wheel arrangement.At the beginning of the track you will be shown the next point to which you want to get there safe and sound as soon as you will cross it, as soon as the new checkpoint will be in the distance that you want to reach.Until you will pass all the required at this stage of the race checkpoints, you will not be able to pass a line.The game has several types of jeeps - each of them has its own unique characteristics.Jeeps.Pickup trucks and even trucks will be under your control passes most dangerous mountain areas.

Russian language: Unknown

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