After the resounding success of the first part of Angry Birds, Rovio studio developer released a whole series of games on this subject, including race, RPG, casual arcade, but all projects are united by one thing, well-known characters.But perhaps it is time to change the subject and to replace the new characters come evil birds.
Nibblers - is a casual arcade game in a series of three-in-a-row from the Rovio, the main characters whose faces have become funny animals nibblers, somewhat reminiscent of fishes, but eat only ripe and sweet fruit.But as usual, even in such a fun and harmless creatures will always be detractors, it happened at this time, the company is not evil lizards glad that Nibblers burst of fruit and tries to prevent the animals.Your task is to help Nibblers receive the coveted fruit, of course, using the unique abilities.

Russian language: yes

- New levels
- Fixed bugs
- New levels
- Fixed error
- New jobs

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Chalk Runner

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Prince Aladdin Runner

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Save yourselves from the government, showing the world of parkour skills in the best possible way - improved and developed, as well as people do not get caught with a stun you!

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