Neon Blitz

Neon Blitz
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Other

Neon Blitz bright and colorful game application for Android devices.Game Neon Blitz features original gameplay, minimum requirements for "stuffing" your smartphone or tablet, easy to operate, install and configure.It is without a doubt just what is needed in order to be interesting to spend a couple hours of free time!

Night city streets abound with bright neon signs.Some also look and gameplay of applications.gamer challenge is that it is for the allotted amount of time should be on your Android device's screen to cut around the largest possible number of drawings.And these figures in the game are a huge number, which of course gives the gameplay variety and more attractive.

Screen is composed of the lines, painted in various colors.As soon as the user touches their finger, they immediately begin to shine with neon lights.Sprocket located on the display indicates with a place to start to trace the outline.Passage levels facilitates three types of bonuses.Also, developers and provides an analog of the local currency - stars.

Games graphics and user interface is just marvelous.All images shown in the gameplay created by world-class artists, and as already mentioned above are painted in bright, juicy colors.Not behind the graphics and music.Several listenable compositions make the process through the levels even more exciting and attention-grabbing.

Installing the software takes less time and is carried out in an automatic mode.The app will appeal to different categories of users, especially fans of logical toys and quests.Interestingly, and importantly usefully spend their time and get pleasure from communication with the submitted program!

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