Neat Calendar Widget

Neat Calendar Widget
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Widgets

This widget was conceived for use on the lock screen.It displays the current time and date, along with a calendar of events.

• Works scrolling.
• Shows the number of days / minutes before the event starts.
• Clicking on the time clock application opens.
• Clicking on the date opens Google Calendar.
• Quickly add events.

To add to your lock screen( Android 4.2+):

1. Scroll left to icons [+].
2. Click on it and select 'Neat Calendar'.
3. Press and hold the widget until you move the screen to the left of the camera.

To add to the desktop:

1. Open the list of widgets.
2. Press and hold to move the widget.

How to add a birthday:

Open Google Calendar website and click on the link
Other calendars & gt;Browse Interesting Calendars & gt;Advanced & gt;Contacts' birthdays and events & gt;Subscribe. Then, go to the Calendar application, select the menu Calendars & gt;Calendars to sync.

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