N.O.V.A. 2 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

N.O.V.A. 2 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Action

N.O.V.A.2 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD - the second part of a fantastic shooter in which we play for a fighter Space Alliance Warden Cal.He resigned from the army N.O.V.A.for a long time and lives together with other colonists on the planet Scorpius.But the war, which broke out after the 6-year-old truce and reached the planet.This time, the central government orbiting satellites disturbed from nowhere who undertook the Alliance people and newcomers.So Cal Warden back in the ranks!You will find 12 chapters that will guide you through a very unfriendly, but amazingly beautiful places in orbit.In addition to the mass of all kinds of weapons, including a pair pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, launcher, automatic shotgun, plazmometov aliens, rocket launcher, turrets, mines and hand grenades, you will find two special opportunities: freezing, as well as the drive for the melee.A further addition to the above will be pleased with the game via multiplayer up to 10 players, 5 modes of online play( Casual, Team, Capture the Flag, Freeze and InstaGib), 10 different locations.

Russian language: Unknown
Supports installation on external SD card: No
Internet: required for the first run Wi-Fi, to use 3G at the root of the memory card, create qaWifiOnlyMode.txt file and write it in FALSE.
Startup cache: yes

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cache to N.O.V.A. game2: folder from the archive to unpack /sdcard/gameloft/games/
15 Jul216890


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