Music Player (Remix)

Music Player (Remix)
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Multimedia

Music Player( Remix) - very handy and convenient audio player for android tablets and smartphones with a lot of bells and whistles and Finger control.What unnecessary words, better get straight to the features of Music Player( Remix) =)

Briefly about the features:.
  • Gapless playback on Jellybean( or later).
  • 5 customizable buttons on the main screen.You can assign to add to the playlist, saving bookmarks, view lyrics, search YouTube, etc.
  • In view artist can switch between the list of songs, albums, and the wiki-page
  • pop-up mini-player.When you are in another program, a gesture of "up" at the bottom of the screen will cause the control panel of the player.
  • Widgets 4x1 and 4x2.
  • Loading lyric( from tags or from text files) with the possibility of changes( supported karaoke function)
  • font size of any of the player screen, you can call the gesture control panel "up" at the bottom of
  • Screen From any player screen, you can call the panel gesture settings"left" on the right side
  • screen from any screen, the player can cause the panel Favorites, playlists and auto-playlists gesture "right" from the left side of the screen
  • interface supports portrait and landscape orientation, including on large screens
  • Imagescovers for songs and albums.
  • Options and Widget( Android 4.2) to lock the screen.
  • When loading tracks to your device will show a notification with the possibility of directly adding new tracks to the playlist.
  • Support for playback without pauses( gapless)
  • playlists management with the ability to sort by gestures and features intelligent add songs, albums, artists or genres from any screen player
  • And so much more interesting and useful.

Russian language: yes

- Fixed bugs
- Improved search
- Fixed bugs
- Added random generation function sheets
- Added function
- Added new widget
- Added support for multiple windows
- Many bug fixes
- Added a new permit
- now the tags work
- Added new filters
- Updated
function - Fixed

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