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Official application from the Russian Interior Ministry. Mobile application allows you to contact the nearest police department, find your precinct police, to obtain background information on the activities of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation.

-ekstrenny call the police: the app determines the user's location and makes a call to the nearest police department.
-information About the precinct police: address, phone number, location on the map, serviced land.
-information About the nearest police departments: the list and on the map is displayed next law enforcement agencies and their contact information.
The accept calls: using the application can send an appeal to the territorial body of internal affairs or in the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
-spravochnaya Information: the Administrative Code, traffic fines, memos on behavior in emergency situations, etc.
-News From the official websites of the regional divisions of the Russian Interior Ministry.

application determines the location of the user, finds the nearest police department and makes a call to the duty part.If the phone is disabled positioning made a call to the number 112. Thus, the probability of successful emergency dialer to the police or emergency services increases.

Information service
application provides information about the location of contacts and regional police forces, policing points precinct police throughout Russia.All of the objects displayed on the map, it is possible to study the details or call the contact telephone numbers.
Information kept up to date and is taken from the official website the Ministry of Interior of Russia.

Admission of applications
user can send an appeal in any territorial division of the Russian Interior Ministry, providing it with necessary files, directly from the mobile application.In addition, there is the possibility of reversing the direction in units of the central apparatus of the Russian Interior Ministry, authorized to take the complaints of citizens and organizations.

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