Make a word from the word 3

Make a word from the word 3
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Puzzle
Tags: donat

This is the official sequel to one of the best games to improve and expand your vocabulary, memory and brain training!If you want to spend time interesting, fun and useful, this game is created just for you!

Rules of the game are surprisingly simple and brilliant at the same time: in game two hundred tasks, which are divided into five levels of forty jobs in each.To go to the next level you need to perform all the tasks in the previous year.In each job you are given a key word from the letters that you want to create as many words as possible.Word variations should consist of three or more letters.

The more words you guess right, the more will get points.Also for the guessed word is given a coin, which can be used to purchase a variety of tips to open the first letters of words or whole words.The goal - to solve all tasks and pass all the levels!


• 200 exciting levels
• Initial capital
• The ability to purchase coins to get more tips
• When buying any coin pack Trade off automatically
• beautiful interface
• competition for positions in the Table Game Center rankings
• ongoing support and application development.

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