LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World

LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Entertainment
Tags: online

LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World - your own little world on Android- Gadget screen. As before, LAYNovskie developers knowingly eat their own bread.It is almost impossible to find fault with visual design, all in style, quality and elaborated.Controls and other parts of the menu, it is the kind that the user wants to see.

ONLINE PLAY - this kind of interactive medium for communication, entertainment, and games.Despite the similarity of names with Google Play, there is nothing to do in these programs.You just offer a small world that does everything for your entertainment and leisure. Can login through himself Line, Facebook or Twitter, it is not necessary in this case to create a separate uchёtku.After that, you will create an avatar that will represent the user in the environment.

It's enough to make a selfie - on its basis the system will analyze your appearance and create a Persian with the most similar characteristics.It is always possible to correct, as much as possible having adjusted for the original virtual twin. The application is easy to make a lot of virtual friends.What has used the same idea as in Vaybere - you can become a friend( read followers) a famous person and always be aware of his work. Always available mass of objects, a variety of "buns" for the avatar.For example, it is possible to dress, make-up change, decorate a variety of ornaments and accessories.Moreover, it is possible to equip a house, creating a unique and inimitable design.

Communication and social component of the project possibilities are not limited.The prog there are plenty of casual games, which, despite its simplicity, is very exciting and high-quality.Take yourself can be a long time.


excellent appearance;Mass communication capabilities;Create an avatar from a photo and customization;Construction of a virtual twin of property;Simple intuitive operation;Mini-games;Good optimization;Easy installation.

This project represents a new step in the integration of social networks.If earlier it was, for the most part, messengers, from the Line is a complete multimedia space, ready to get rid of boredom and free time of any user.

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